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It is totally an addiction. My boyfriend dislikes snakes but he puts up with them. I had been asking for one for about a year and the one day a friend of mine told me about a lady that sold snakes. That day I phoned her and went to check them out. We went there with the intention of buying just one snake. But seeing them so cute and little i talked my boyfriend into taking two.......I told him that if I only took one the other one would be lonely......the lady selling the snakes helped me in convincing him. I walked out of there with two baby corns (normals). That was a year ago. Since then I have aquired 4 more. 3 brand new babies (an amel, an anery, and a snow) & a 4 year old normal corn named Johnny. Hehehe that last one I had planned out for a week before I brought him home. What a surprise to my boyfriend, who was used to 2' corns. He was more shocked at how big they actually get than mad at me for buying him. Anyways..........yes it is an addiction. I want a corn of each color. I'd like some constrictors but unfortunately where I live they are illegal. Oh well maybe I will move. HAHA.
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