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Originally posted by rwg
As long as people dont misrepresent what they have, I dont see how it matters what they say. If I had Don Patterson's stock (I wish...someday your Bredli will be mine muhahahaha!), I would say that no matter who I bought it from. If I had a reason to mention the middle man (great service for example) then I would do so. I would never say I got it from DP if I didn't though.
I agree hole hartedly. As long as no one is misrepresenting their animals it doesn't really matter. I sometimes will put the middle man on my website if I know them, but sometimes I get animals at shows for cash or trade and dont get or dont remember the name of the middle man, only who the original breeder was. Some animals I have I don't even know who the original breeder was because it was bought off of someone that didn't know or that got it at a pet store.

I do the same as many other people here, if I know the breeder I will often post who's stock it originally came from.
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