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Why are we addicted to snakes?

Why is it that we cant have just one pet snake. I bet almost every regular on these forums has more than one snake they are caring for at the moment including me *16*.

What is the mental aspects of keeping so many snakes. Is it that they are so cute/cool that we cant resist or is it because its actually a physical addiction that takes us over just like a smoker or an alcoholic.

I think i collect snakes because its a hobby more than anything thus giving me something to spend my money on. Everyone has something they spend money on rather it be cars, coins, comic books, baseball cards, and many other popular hobbies. I think with all the variety of snakes it keeps people coming back for the next cool spieces or color morph. Its kinda like when you were a kid and you got that toy in your happy meal at McDonalds. You always wanted to get the whole collection not just one.

I think many breeders have so many snakes because of all the possibilities they haven when working with all these new color morphs coming out each week. Are you a snake addict and if so why do you feel you are?
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