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Originally posted by 5alive
Hey Jand first off all i want to say people like you drive me nuts. Usally when you quote someone you ask them permision.
LOL, never been online before? Just for that I leave you with a few of your qoutes...

Originally posted by 5alive
Or else something like this happends first of all where did you hear this and lets see some facts what are we all supposed to be on our knees beleiving every word you have to say.
Maby you spend alot of time on your knees, I don't know you and really don't care. What you do in private is your own business.

Originally posted by 5alive
And if you did hear that from somewhere maybe would you think that Coors wouldnt want the canadian public to know that they bought out part of Canadas pride our beer i think sales would slightly drop.
Do a search, many news sites offer correct info regarding your first ignorant post. I was just telling you your info was incorrect and you personally attack me....

Originally posted by 5alive
But even if im wrong and your right wich i really dont care your still a loser who does that do you even know me NO so beat it!
Who cares if I know you... I do have a personal opinion of you now, but I'm not stooping down to that. lol Oh and I know you are new to the Internet so here's some advise. Grow up!

Originally posted by 5alive
i am sure all the kids that visit this side want to read whats at the bottom of your thread.

Talk to the FOX network..It's a quote from a TV network show.... You know what TV is?
Jon Dona

Fox has one of those new reality shows at eight, 'Fast animals, slow children
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