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no you guys are getting it all wrong,my question is when you get a animal from someone and you post say on a website here are my new babies and you say what they are and when you got them and who you got them from but you post the name of the breeder and not the person that you acully got the animal from. for instance i buy a gecko from you KATT and the breeder was SAMBA, will if i was posting a picutre and saying where and when i got the gecko i would say that i got the gecko from KATT and that the breeder was SAMBA, not that i got the gecko from SAMBA because to me it is rude,you did not get it from the breeder. I am not saying that the breeder should not be posted but just because you think you are a big breeder does not mean you should forget where you started and who sold you the animal. It is like the person that you sold it to thinks they are higher then you and dont want anyone to know where the animal came from. I know that people post new animal to show off the news one. I do that all the time i am just asking a question.
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