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I think the breeders of the animals whose photos have been posted should be given credit; however, it's really up to the individual whether they would do that or not. I have seen several people on here post photos of their animals and mention which breeder they recieved them from.

As for where I got my animals...

Most of the pets I have are rescues I've decided to keep, (for vaious reasons). My leos are all pets that I've bought from a friend, with the exception of one who I got from a petstore (not what you think... I repeatedly go to a terrible petstore and try to get the owner to take better care of his animals... during one of my 'inspections' I saw this lovely leo and found out that she had been traded in a few days before). I obviously didn't want her to suffer the conditions there, so I bought her. Her name is Freckles... you might have seen one of the million pix I've posted of her here. My leos are really the only pets I have that I haven't rescued... The other two are from a friend of mine who breeds them.

My African Plated Lizard, Dahli; Burmese python, Bandula and Box Turtle, Mike are all rescues. I also have a dog, Sadie, whom I recently rescued and a pet Praying Mantis, a gift from my fiance.
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