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Hey Martin, you would typically find the big name brands being sold overseas, typically the best sellers or brand leader, like Molson Canadian and Labatt Blue. Not many microbrews export overseas, as their beer usually contains no preservatives and has a low shelf life. I have seen Canadian and Blue in parts of Asia and in the UK, and both companies are actively targeting Latin America (especially Brazil) and China.

5alive, as publicly traded companies, Molson and Coors have to disclose this information in order to comply with securities regulations. It is a merger where both companies will exchange shares.

FYI, this is fairly common. Labatt is part of Interbrew SA, a Belgian brewing group. Molson is partially owned by Fosters (Australia) and Miller (USA/South Africa).

5alive loosen up a bit, everyone's entitled to their opinions and I dont think JonD was doing a personal attack on you, he was just making a statement and joining in the conversation.
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