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Well, my parents bought us an acreage when I was about 6-1/2 or 7. I caught a frog there the first summer we had there. I was hooked on those little "acreage frogs" as i called them. I had also been watching the discovery channel, national geo, animal planet and all that from the time I turned 7. I thought all those "brave guys that hold snakes" were super cool. i kept wood frogs(the "acreage frogs") until 9 years old. I had begun to watch crocodile hunter at 8 years old, and just as tony, I blame it all on him, lol. For the next two years i was bugging my dad to let me get a snake, he kept swearing there would never be a reptile in his house as long as he was alive. For a short time I tried for a lizard as I thought it might sound more harmless. He still said no. For the 2 months before I was ten, I did alot of research and showed my dad some information, he then did a week of research and broke in and my parents bought me a snake for my tenths birthday. And, as it is said, "the rest is history".


*and im absolutely super happy that I joined this hobby!*
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