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I want to add one quick thing about spelling, even though it wasn't the starting topic for this thread. I just don't want start a new thread/argument on spelling. All things considered (disabilities, typos, neglect, etc.), improper spelling will take away some effectiveness of the "Search" feature.

As for the level of experience of posters, I haven't had too much of a problem picking which posts to disregard. Since I joined in May, I have been (and still will be) constantly researching my first reptile. Read tons of threads/posts and usually usernames will stick out as either spewing off heresy or relaying valuable information. The number of posts means nothing to me. Yes itís an exaggeration, but who knows when some herper will come out of the jungles/desert from years of research and sign up at Ssnakess. Personally, I will look more at the date they joined then combine that with some of their earlier posts using the "Search for all posts by this user". From that, I can usually get a rough idea of whose advice is more accurate and even better, from their personal experience.

Just my thoughts, take them as you will.
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