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Ok, I avoided this post because I didn't want to have to sit here for an hour and mention everything I thought pertinent, but I WILL speak up about the spelling skills.

In another post not too long ago I told someone that if they wanted to seem like an authority on a subject they should learn how to spell. Some took this as cruel (like I was making fun). I was not making fun, and, regardless of the excuse, poor spelling and grammar will lead the reader to believe (and I am not afraid to admit this) that the writer may not be a reliable resource on the topic at hand.

I myself am disabled, and I would never put anyone down; however, I have to agree with those of you here that follow a similar train of thought. I do understand that many people on this site are learning English as a second language, and I totally encourage the development.

Now, on to the topic on the inexperienced giving advice. Whether their motives be good or bad, I admit it is irritating to have someone you consider 'less knowledgeable' than yourself tell you what they think. I once had a person tell me how to care for my burmese python when they themselves never owned one! (On top of that I wasn't even seeking advice on his care).

The worst that can happen with uncorrected information is that it will spread (as mentioned above) and people will regard it as truthful. Obviously the great danger in this is the welfare of the animals in question is at jeopardy.

If you criticize someone too harshly they are likely to become defensive and/or ignore you... the opposite of what we want to accomplish. For the persons here who are experienced, I believe it is our duty to gently correct and guide inexperienced keepers so that they will do better for their pets.

I'd have a whole lot more to say, but I'm at work (as usual) and must limit my reply.
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