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OK here is one for you. I know of several very famous herpers who do not have high school diplomas yet these people would most certainly be called true experts. There are many old school field researchers who we look up to and still to this day and still site their work that did not have a diploma are they stupid? Some of these people more then likely had other people write their finding by dictation. Had they done it more then likely it would have had a great many errors but would the information been less useful or correct?

If you judge by spelling its a true shame because you may have just lost a valuable and contributing member that could very likely have made a major difference. The correcting of a persons spelling or discounting them because of it will cause them not to come back and post.

The sites forums are supposed to be for all to enjoy and contribute to! They certainly should not ever be a high school English class where people or their knowledge are graded based on spelling. Yes, to some degree its important but I think I would rather have the bad spelling and good info than no post because someone was blasted or insulted for their ability to spell.
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