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Michael; the type of grammar/spelling mistakes are often a sure sign of the intelligence level of the poster, but not their experience level. Very often do I see posters (like yourself to some degree) who make grammatical errors and spelling mistakes clearly due to the fact that English is not their chosen, or first language. Those mistakes are easy to point out. The other type of spelling/grammar mistakes are made by those who plain old type too fast (Trevor and myself included). These mistakes are often words that include an extra letter from "residual" touching of a second key, i.e. anmd:and, or fopr: for. The last type of spelling/grammar mistake are often made by those who are just plain old don't care or just cannot spell. Continuous spelling errors of the same word; their instead of there, we're instead of where (these are my pet peeves). For the most part, these are the people that either haven't taken the time to learn how to spell, or just plain old could care less what other people think about the thought they put into their posts. This tells a lot about a person. Intelligence is how you put a sentence together and knowledge is the information in the sentence.
Trevor & Marisa; and you two thought you talk too much. I should have a Personal Editor with me 24-7. Most of the time, my brain can't keep up with my typing fingers. And after "Submit Reply" it's just too late... Fiddlesticks!!
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