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Sadie 'Rescues' Mike!

Hello All,

I just wanted to share this little story with you; Around the 4th of July (as some of you already know), my 3 toed Boxie named Mike disappeared. (I think he was scared of the fireworks). Anyways, I looked for weeks and weeks indoors and out to no avail...

I cried buckets of tears because he is a rescue, and I had been planning to keep him *all* to myself. I felt guilty. I was afraid for what could happen to him... I never could figure out how he got out of the turtle pen (it's 'dig proof'). I put up 'Reward' flyers and Posters with his photo on them everywhere!!

Anyhow, about two weeks ago I rescued a dog (Sadie) and she took up residence in my backyard. Because of Sadie, I found a new place to live (where she would be able to be a dog!!!)

As I packed my belongings and prepared to move away I noticed Sadie 'dancing' in the backyard, obviously tickled pink over something. I went over to inspect and to my delight, she had 'dug up' Mike. He seemed to glare at Sadie and I for having bothered him! I was just too happy to have him back... after almost 6 weeks of wondering and crying, I have my little boxie back!

He is, for the moment, an 'inside' tortoise, until I move and set up his pen again. I am so thankful for Sadie, had she not found him, Mike would've been left behind to fend for himself!!!

The End!

P.S. I was curious if anyone else with Boxies has noticed their apparent talent for disappearing? A friend on mine at work has told me hers disappeared for years before she saw her again!

Thanks for looking!
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