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You get newbies posting wrong info, which people complain about.

You get experienced people actually not liking newbies (without newbies the hobby will drop dead)

And you get people who actually LEAVE an internet forum because they don't like certain things being typed on a keyboard? LOL

The world is not perfect....this website is doing SO SO SO much better than any reptile site like it, I still cannot understand anyones complaints. It's sad really. No one is ever happy. But I am glad someone is saying thank you to the mods, because without them watching over stuff then this site would not be as good as it is.

If experienced people get fed up with newbies, or the wrong info, then instead of complaining they should spend time correcting it. Leaving a forum does NOTHING for anyone. And any TRUE reptile lovers have NO PROBLEM spending large amounts of free time helping out others, clearing up someone elses mistakes, or making sure the right info gets out there. Because if experienced people get "fed up" with newbies, then we have no one teaching newbies

My point? Enjoy this site for what it is, one of the best reptiles sites out there. We have less fighting, mud slinging, and name calling than any other reptile website. And remember, everything cannot be exactly the way you want it all the time...i see lots of people saying "cant we stop attacking" and "be nice" but sometimes if you just let it drop....that works out even better.......Good job Mods, and we have a GREAT site....PERIOD.

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