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Trevor. You brought up a great point. I do not see it happen here to often thank god. But all to often on other sites. Moderators need to be able to inforce the rules of sites but also be able to allow for corrections from other members. It is a tough line sometimes.

The problem ive seen on a few forums is the { god } like status some members feel they have and a few mods. I have even seen some Mods say { never question me or my credentials are beyound question do not question them or your post will be deleted.} This pisses me off to know end. I guess i have a more easy attitude then most but if I am wrong or off or forgot something I would welcome someone to point it out or ask about what i left out or forgot. But to be Rude to a new member or outright cruel in correcting a person will turn people off from posting or cause them to say screw you and do it anyway which both can lead to the animals not being given better care and that I just cant stand. We all need to be more forgiving and polite in how me talk to and or correct people.

Human nature is a wild beast and I know ive started off some of my post with some very nasty comments then going back and rereading them edited it. We all need to work for the betterment of information and animals well being.
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