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BW on his soap box again lol. BW my friend this needs to be posted all over the net. Wish this entire thread could be as it is a great one and one well wourth everyones time to read.

Most people that know me think of hots yet I have kept and breed many species of non-venomous for years. I guess the reason I do not post on Boas or Colub threads is im tired of seeing people try and tell people they are wrong, if they do it diffrently then them. The quest for knowledge and experiance is something we should all be open.

There is no such thing as an expert in a living science just those with higher degrees of experiance. I try to live by that rule when reading information or opinions of people so that i am open to new ideas and ways to better keep my animals.

Age is of no issue to me. We have a 14 year old in our herp society that when it comes to certain species of snakes blows me away. Not only can he explain genetics of breeding and care but he can explain why and how. I know a 19 year old that has been keeping hots since he was 15 and is someone I would let work with me because of his knowledge and maturity. On the same tokken there are many I would never no matter how many years they have.

Look no further then Kapplan. Many call her an { expert } _____________________ <~~~~pause so all can laugh. You look over her sheets you will laugh. Yet I hear by many people oh she is the best. In talking to people though that are imo an expert they can point out many inacurrate information points in her post.

Oh damn im getting on a soap box now. Guess my point is take what you read concider the source and research more articles and journals and find the repeating fact and throw out the myths.

No spell checking me i dont care how bad it is this early
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