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I have never used tongs for feeding any snakes, including the rattlers. I simply throw food in the cage, as all my snake are relatively good at eating. I could see the need for them with certain species and individual snakes, I just have no real use for them currently myself in my collection. The boas will just simply get up on the snake after it is thrown into the cage.

The rattlers are all fed live food 99% of the time. I simply place the mice on one side of the cage, they pick up the scent and hunt from there. Only one rattler in my collection will currently eat any rodent given, frozen thawed, fresh killed or live. Two (of the six) eat lizards. Unless I had to tease meals for them or had large and highly aggresive rattlers in the future, I will remain just tossing in meals. Everything I have hunts and eats just great. I keep myself safe from snakes too.....FYI.
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