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So much Ranting .. lol

One thing really struck me .. Sorry to point you out Rikki but its very easy to see who has and does not have experience ..

Originally posted by Rikki
No worries, i understand from your point of view. And no i dont work with the burm alone, i have before but i usually work with my friend John (15). Ive fed him alone and cleaned his cage alone, but i always show him with some one else. Never been bit, you get to know his body launguage.
This ones paragrah gives it away and yet you still claim to be an experienced herper..

Originally posted by Rikki
Though i am expirienced with reptiles
Can you see all your mistakes??

Anyway .. As I said b4 .. the only way to know someone information right is to know it b4 hand ..

Ussually what I do if I have a question is research it and find as many responses as possible and the make and educated guess considering all the answers I have found.. the information is out there .. you just need to be able to weed out the bs..
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