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They purposely made multiplayer weak, that was known years before the game came out, as Quake IV was being made simultaneously, and will pick up the clack in the multiplayer department. Kind of like Half Life2 won't have any multiplayer, but Counter-Strike: Source will cover it and ship with the game.

Tough to say, as I haven't played the "REAL" game yet. All I've played is the leaked beta over a year ago, and then a few games on a display computer in Future Shop, but that was running at 640x480 resolution, so I don't count that. It looked typical first-person shooter to me. Nothing more, nothing less. I think the true measure of the new technology will be subsequent games. Always is. Can't wait!

No problem JeffT. I think you should be able to run he game at medium - low settings. Its a pretty forgiving game. Cormack is a GENIUS when it comes to coding for a broad spectrum of computer configurations.
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