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Think about it though .. How often do you see HORRIBLE advise on this site?? When this site started there were a few members and you knew who to trust and listen too .. It was nice that way ..

Now .. Its pretty bad .. I have about 20 ppl on this site that there opinions I value. All others are usually diregarded or re-verified as there is no way u can trust there knowledge.. There is ssssssoooo many wanabes and Mr. Know it alls..

Now this idea is warming up one me .. lets say that we all had to give ouselfs a signature like ..

25 snakes years (mainly corns and balls) or
1000 snake years (venemous and pythons) ..

IF and that is IF ppl were honest about it, it would be easier to figure who has a chance of having real knowledge or not.

Don't get me wrong .. you can have a 100 snake years and still not know how to probe a snake or that you should not house a ball and a cornsnake together but usually .. the more and the longer u keep the more u learned .. Think of all the mistakes you have made and all that u learned from each of them..

I keep learning everyday wether it be at work, a friends house or with my own colloction .. I like this idea now ..

What's your oppinion ..

Dom 1200~ snake years
(mainly boids and some venemous and collubrids)

lol Its defenetly an interesting way of describing our self
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