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JJNNBNS, I see what you are saying but that is not exactly what I meant - my point was that ones' 'snake years' could be a misrepresentation of how much they actually know.

Of course it would not mean anything for other snakes perhaps... but I don't think that thats what it intends to mean.
Being that your 'snake years' are one big number, your right it shouldn't mean anything for other snakes. However when it is just a blank number, like I said it may be a misrepresentation.

Its definitely interesting... and what I do like about it is that it can somewhat weed out people who give out TONS of advice on things that they have NO experience with.
True, but then we go back to my little man with experience limited to BCI however has a big 'snake year' number example :P.

I would rather trust the guy with a thousand snake years in carpet pythons over the other who has kept 2 ball pythons and a corn snake for a year
Me too, and again I just meant that your snake years could be a misrepresentation as to your overall experience. Its like saying because someone has been driving a car for thirty years, they are capable to ride a motor cycle, or drive a large truck.
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