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But, you would have a lot of experience in BCI, and that would show through your snake years...

Of course it would not mean anything for other snakes perhaps... but I don't think that thats what it intends to mean.

The reason for it is that some people can claim that they have had over a hundred snakes, but maybe only had each for a month or two before selling them... this way instead of saying that they have experience keeping over 100 snakes (which sounds impressive) they can say that they only have 10-25 snake years of exp. (which is still an overstatement!)

Its definitely interesting... and what I do like about it is that it can somewhat weed out people who give out TONS of advice on things that they have NO experience with.

I would rather trust the guy with a thousand snake years in carpet pythons over the other who has kept 2 ball pythons and a corn snake for a year... (3 snake years)
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