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I know it's been beaten to death but...

I would like to address this experience thing once more. A link was provided recently in two rather high traffic threads that I think presents a very good idea. Just in case you weren't one of the 1000+ collective views in these two threads I will provide the link again...

On this site the unit of 'snake-years' is put forth to measure experience. A snake year is the number of years you've been maintaining snakes times the average number of snakes you've maintained at any given time; for instance, if you've kept 6 snakes for 5 years then you have 30 snake-years, if you've kept 1 snake for 5 years followed by 5 snakes for 5 years then you have 30 snake-years again. For a more complete explanation of the snake-year and it's purpose see the link.

Post Script - This post isn't directed at anyone in particular so let's try not to bicker, it was simply made to make those who weren't involved in the other threads aware of the snake-year.

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