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Well Rikki, I would like to begin by saying that I think it is great that you are looking to provide a home to animals that have been mistreated and abandoned. It sounds to me that you are quite responsible for your age, since you have a job that allows you to provide food and housing expenses for your animals. Not to mention that you probably get supplies at cost because your parents own a pet store

I am not sure why people had to start harassing you. Just because someone says they have experience is no reason to criticize or degrade them with sarcastic remarks. You never said you were an expert or anything! And to bring up your age was also unecessary, since age has nothing to do with being responsible. If I could appologize on others behalves I would, but...........

Anyways, good luck with the sources provided and be sure to post any rescues you receive and your experiences along the way. Take care, and remember to read up on everything you consider adopting. I am sure that you could also get advice from many of us here just to broaden the spectrum of internet information!

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