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yeah, she's talking to you, pal. as i was saying, we've had this thread about ''experience people'' before and i don't want to start it over. You've got yourself a pretty nile monitor and if your parents own the petshop, they probably know what you've bought and will help you with it. In fact, i am pretty much worrying about the nile monitor's future, but if you truly have the room and cash to feed a huge monitor, thats your responsibility. If i'm being hard on you, it is because statistically speaking, almost NO 14 years old would be able to take care of a mature nile, but if you have nice resources and are able to do the job, well my compliments...

Trevor, i just want to tell you that i dont need more flyes than i already have!!! Still, i think you might understand what i'm worried about. No offense to anyone, everybody keep making up their own strawberry jello ( sooooooo tasty!!! ).

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