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I have hesitated in replying to this post only because I know that I am deffinately a newbie in keeping reptiles

Also too, I ask a lot of questions regarding various animals, and mention a few that I would love to have (such as the burm which my husband and I have decided not to get, simply because we want to start a family sooner rather than later), but I hope that people don't think of me as some one who would get just about anything for any old reason

I do love animals and have been reading about animals since I was very little. I am new to reptiles and even newer to amphibians (I once had a newt, my first pet that I researched and saved up for when I was 9 years old).

Obviously I have been reading lots of books, websites, care sheets, newsletters, magazines, and forums regarding these creatures, as I would never want to harm any one of them by doing something wrong.

But anyways, I am greatful to the honest and intelligent people on this forum who have been gracious enough to offer their experience and opinions to all of my questions - Thank You

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