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Well ill admit....I've been around reptiles my whole life but still consider myself not even close to bein a pro. It's good that you r interested in adopting tho cuz alot of reps dont get adopted out and even tho they might be old and you might pay more for them its well worth the effort even if they do pass away in a yr as long as they have a great year with you.Theres nothing worse than an animal geting adopted out only to be neglected even more.I know im only 13 but i try to learn new things about all animals to TRY and get exsperience with them and if i could work in a pet shop I would. Cant everyone be alil more easy on him hes trying to do a good deed and help an animal not hurt it......thats why hes on this website is to learn more(thats y i am). I do respect what everyone is saying an I know for sure alot of yall know a heck of alot more than i do.
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