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Rikki; On a final note; so you say you've been into reptiles for 4 years, and that you are also "very expirienced". You're 14! Do your Mommy and Daddy know that you want the added responsibility of taking in unwanted, unhealthy and possibly dangerous reptiles? Do you have any idea how much money alone will be needed to care for these extra animals? I'm guessing a paper route won't cover it. Did you even ask Mommy and Daddy's permission? Geez, I remember when I was 14, puberty was hard enough, but having to do my bed in the morning, shower daily and take out the garbage would put me over the edge responsibility-wise.
Lastly, to proclaim yourself a"very expirienced" reptile keeper was laughable at best. I've been on this site for just under two years, and have over 60 "snake years" (refer to for explanation) of experience working exclusively with one species of snake and I continue to learn every day. I'm not very experienced, I've barely scratched the surface of knowledge with this species. Of the almost 6000 members on this here site, I would estimate there to be maybe 75-80 who are truly "very experienced" and you sir/madam are not one of them.
I understand, "Newbie" mistake, but if you want to be taken seriously around here, engage in topics other than "How old are you", "Are you Canadian/American", "Favorite soft drink", "Favorite who cares"........
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