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Wow, i think you're way too experienced for me, Rikki. You have dealt with pythons more than twice my size and had a huge 5 footer iguana... Most important of all, you work in a pet store! You also have a nile monitor, which is only suitable for an experienced keeper, so you're safe about that! After all, you said in at least three different forums that you were experienced! I'm pretty impressed and so everyone should be! You're sooo experienced! Wow, no kidding, i wouldnt proclaim having experience until i have kept herps for a least 5-6 years more than i have now ( had my first herps in 1993-1994 ), kept and possibly bred some of the most picky and difficult herps around repetedly! I thought we had already had this huge discution about ''experienced and people proclaiming having experience'' a few months ago... The wise one is the one who realizes he knows nothing, the fools know it all already...

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