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I think that part of the issue here is the all of none approach to experience in this thread. No doubt Rikki is experienced. But then again, my cousin decapitated (sp) a 'rattlesnake' (Nerodia sipedon) a couple months ago, I suppose that she is experienced to some degree as well, she did have an experience. I think it's important that people realize that, while they mey be experienced, there are like hundereds or thousands of people more experienced than them. Those who choose on-line forums such as this to proclaim their excellence (not saying that's what your doing Rikki, though I have seen others do it) are likely not the experts they believe themselves to be.

A main concern of mine is that you may not fully appreciate the cost of these 'free' animals... an interesting excersize (sp) would be to make an estimate. Do some research and try to calculate the annual cost of food and other expences, as well as the cost to properly set up housing for the animal. Really, saving $25 on an iguana isn't that great a deal, especually if it unhealthy or untame.

PS - I sound a little high and mighty in this post and thought I should clarify my own experience. I have had an iguana (became eggbound and died) as well as several anoles and a skink. Snakes, I had a rescue burm but traded it for some bps (not because I was incapible [sp] of caring for it, I came to the realization that it may not be a good pet once I'm in university and opted for something smaller). I currently maintain 4 bps, so really, I'm not as experienced as Rikki.

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