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Just Curious...

Stemming from a combination of boredom and curiosity, I decided to start up this thread for interesting conversation. I am continually seeing people making comments in regards to using the internet, particularly an internet forum, to obtain information in regards to the husbandry of their reptiles. The majority of these comments are negative ones – declaring people whom use such resources as lazy, or thought of as being too cheap to purchase a book. Myself personally, I obtain my information through texts, such as books, the internet and directly from experienced individuals whom are familiar with the information I am seeking.

My question is, why is using such a resource as an internet forum negative, and how does it make a person lazy? If this is the case, why do we have and offer such resources? To me, there is no better reserve then an internet forum packed with experienced individuals whom are willing to provide their knowledge and experience with newer herpers, or those not familiar with a particular genre or species. I see this forum as an invaluable tool, what better way to obtain one’s information then from people who have direct, indispensable experience. Sure, there are the instances in which an inexperienced individual posts inexperienced, and often false and misleading information. However it is our expectation and responsibility to cherry pick our sources for information, and not rely on a single individual’s opinion for a final consensus. After all, there are several outdated books with deceptive information out there for purchase, just as there are those providing erroneous information through internet forums.

To me, such a resource as an internet forum is the way of the future – quick and easily accessible information. Do not get me wrong, having books around for quick reference are definitely an indispensable attribute to anyone’s collection, however I see nothing wrong with using a forum (or internet as a whole) as long as you do not limit this to your only source for information.
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