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I work at a pet store too, and i have to say there are many animals with which i have no experience at all even thought i might have sold tons and cared for them for a good while. I'm not saying i'm selling things i don't know anything about!!! I'm saying that ''having experience with an animal'' only comes after a long time of interaction and observation with a particular specie... For example, i have sold bloods, black throat monitors, tons of chameleons, land tortoises knowing precicely how to care for them but i have no REAL experience with them. And even if you have tons of knowledge on the reptile doesnt mean you're truly ready to face every problem a rescued animal might have.

The fact of working in a pet store isn't a good argument at all... You can spend your time going from a pet shop to another and not even find a single competent person!!! Also, if you work in a pet store with no herps or even a dozen of them doesnt make of you a ''reptile specialist'' even if it is your official title at the place where you work...

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