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The question I have is: If you let them into your home... for 'courtesy' purposes, and THEN they ask you to search your collection, could you STILL refuse?

If you did, I'm sure they would obtain a warrent and return at a later time to complete their investigation, which, in the meantime, gives you the ability to hide anything you shouldn't have :::naughty, naughty:::

OR, would they loophole the fact that you let them in, and they therefore are allowed to search?

Very interesting... in any case, by allowing them to search your collection you have caused yourself a lot less stress in the long run, but I do believe ANY search on private property should be preceded with a warrent. (I'm not a legal representative either, but I used to work in a law office, so I do know some basics...) I'd like to see what anyone else here can dig up...
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