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I might make an exception if you are in Texas... I could easily drive there to inspect your home and deliver the animal. I have a variety of creatures all needing homes... some that were neglected, abused, some sick or deformed... Let me know what you are most interested in and maybe we can work something out. What part of Texas do you live? If you are interested in large snakes by chance there is a North Texas Giant Snake Rescue somewhere over there, but they mainly have retics, burms, anacondas, etc. Not sure if they are still in operation, as they had some trouble with Law Enforcement a couple of years ago. (They weren't doing anything wrong, just getting a hard time from them). If I can get their number I'll post it here for you. If not, you can e-mail me at OpticVixen@Hotmail.Com for information on my organization. Hope this helps! =)

P.S. What the heck is this underlining crap?? LOL Can someone please explain to me why various words are underlined with no apparent reason behind it?

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