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So I have a Cal King that went missing and the people in my appartment block found out. I have learned some interesting things:

1. Apparently Cal Kings are venomous (I have properly educated that one away)

2. Apparently a 3 foot Cal King eats Weiner Dogs and Babies (another one that I have educated away)

The people in my block were gracious enough to call the Animal Services Branch on me and this morning I was inspected. All of my snakes are legal so I wasn't worried and the Animal Services guy was really nice about it. He asked if I was harbouring any Boa Constrictors or anything like that and I said no. He asked to see my snakes so I showed him (He likes banana phase Cal Kings btw). He asked about husbandry and feeding so I told him that I feed F/T and my enclosures were right there for him to look at.

He sat outside my block in his van for about 10 minutes after that so I think he was radioing in to see if my snakes were legal or not. He ended up just driving away.

My brush with the law....what a great way to start a Friday morning...

Any thoughts?

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