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Tell me about it. It's been a month and a half waiting for my vet to call me about some test results. Still waiting. But I'm hoping those surgeries will slow down in the next few months so I can finally get those results.
Haha, well unfortunately I cannot speak for your vet clinic. Chances are though, they've forgot about you. Of course you've called and reminded right? Also, your results may have nothing to do with your veterinarians. Often times, technicians or secretaries are responsible for those specific callbacks.

Artemis, I am sorry that you lost your last kitten, and wish the best in regards to the mother.

And a litter of kittens might not seem like a big deal to the vet, who Iím sure is totally cool with death and illness, seeing it all the time
I wouldn't exactly say they are 'cool' with death and illness; rather they have come to terms with it and accept it as a part of life. But again like you say, the mother and kittens looked fine, even from your perspective, so I am sure the vet had every reason to believe intervention was not required.

As for expenses incurred, believe me I know what it is like. I just recently spent just under $1000.00 to get a lump removed from my Golden Retrievers leg, and I still ask myself how such a simple surgery could cost so much.

As for feeling useless, I also understand exactly what you mean. I commend you for your efforts and your love, passion and care for these animals. It is great to see such effort amongst a mass of negligence. Unfortunately, animals cannot tell us specifically how they feel, or which part of them is in pain, which limits our ability to know what is wrong with the cat. The best we can do is following the process of elimination, which without insurance, is definitely a large expense to be incurred.

Again, I am sorry for your losses and hope all goes well with the mother.
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