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Oh, sorry for the missunderstanding. I will have a table there. I've been going 2-3 shows a year for the last couple years. Don't usually get to everyshow because they are on week ends and I've had weddings and birthday parties fall on same days as the shows. But I'll be safe, I do have a table. Just thought I'd ask before the show because I don't want to be running around with my snake saying "can you probe my snake?" at every table I see snakes at. lol, I have been into lizards and geckos since 1999 but just got into snakes in the last 3 months. I have always wanted some but my husband is terrified and wouldn't let them in the house. He finally came around after nearly 2 years with blue tongues skinks.

Also I've seen people bring in animals at past shows that didn't have tables. Now, this was at the last location and before there were as many rules and regs to fallow. I missed june's show because of a wedding and went to the Newmarket show. That was a bust! But I did pick up a nice little milk and corn there.

Thanks Joe, I will look for you at the show. btw, that is my husbands name too. He wont be there though, he would faint as soon as he walked in the room. lol.
I'll also be looking to buy a probing set so if you sell them let me know and I'll get it off you. What is the going price for a probe set and a feeding tong? Thanks.
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