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Hi, Artemis
Hope she gets better and better,Listen i just got a pupy from someone that was free to good home and we took her,she was very sick and we had to take her to the vets, I am not working right now so we did not have alot of money to spend , so the vet gave her a shot of meds and fluids and stuff to coat her tummy and we took her home. this dog was so sick that she never moved,she vumited 6 times a day. we took her home and hoped for the best. needless to say she is doing great sometimes they just need some love and care. if they can not find out what is wrong sometimes it is best to give them lots of love and they will come out of it. i mean if they have a diease then that is different but they can not find anything then it maybe because of the stress of the births and the lose of the babies,when my girl lose some of her babies she went through some stuff to. just love her hole bunches and i think she will be fine well i hope she will because it sounds like she will have a great life with you. good luck. if you need to talk i am just a PM away.
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