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Dugesia are cool little things... haven't kept any, but played with them in the lab last year. We fed them hard boiled egg yolk while we were observing them... I don't know if you could keep them alive on that as their only diet though. Here's a lab exp on the web that has some info on reproduction and feeding

Your best bet on finding culturing info would probably be to ask one of the labratory supply companies that carry them. (if I remember correctly, water quality is VERY important).

One thing, I don't think you could make a 10 headed one... I think 4 is about the upper limit where the body has trouble supporting the heads. Wouldn't really hurt to try it though I suppose.

There's a lab supply company somewhere in canada that carries them, as well as things like springtails etc... but I can't remember the name for the life of me. You could try calling your closest university and ask the biology department where they get their dugesia from.

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