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Hahaha- well mind you this was not a big free lets help the feral rescuer vet deal, either. I have spent all my spare budget and then some for this, and all the keep telling me to do is run more tests. Mom cat is very ill now and had to go back today, and I just lost the last kitten at 10pm EST, just before I had to come into work, which is where I am now. Mom cat had an expensive array of tests done, all of which revealed nothing, so they gave her sub-q fluids and antibiotics, and told me to watch her for the next 24 hours, and she still only nibbles at food and cant really walk much.

I know it is busy in the vet clinic. And a litter of kittens might not seem like a big deal to the vet, who Im sure is totally cool with death and illness, seeing it all the time, but it was a big deal to me, and so much so that I spent more than my monthly car payments to get these kitties the best treatment possible, and all my money has revealed nothing. It just all feels useless, and I am even more depressed than before, but I couldnt not take them, either. Again, Im not blaming the vet, at this point in so exhausted I can barely stand to think about it, but thats the latest update.


All of you cross your fingers that mom makes it, if she goes, then I don't know what I am going to do. And dave, if she does make it, ofcourse I will have her fixed. My 3 kitties that are mine (big cats) are all fixed. This one just kinda adopted us. You don't sound mean at all, its good to point out that adopted cats should be fixed, that helps with the overall problem, and prevents stuff like this from happening in the first place.
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