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Our rodents (100 or so) and snakes are separated only by a thin door and while odor and dust in the mouse part is controlled by an air purifier, our snakes do not seem to be excessively stimulated by the rodent odor and they definately know when it is feeding night - they are all poking their heads out of hides as soon as the first one has been fed and they think their turn is coming up. This applies to those that are fed in separate containers as well as those that are fed in their cages - as long as our hands and clothes don't smell like rodents they don't mistake us for food when we pick them up to handle them. They don't show excess prowling behaviour until 7-10 days after a feeding so I don't think they are stimulated or have their appetites dampened by being exposed to rodent odor all the time. We do clean and feed rodents only after handling the snakes on any given day though, and use a hook to wake our snakes up before picking them up. We usually remove the snakes from the room if they are out for an extended period of time (to watch TV with us, etc.) or if strangers are visiting and handling them. The dust created by gerbils is a bigger issue, but mice are much less of a problem for that. I would definately confine the rodents to one area in the room on a single rack rather than distributing them about.

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