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I feel for you. I have been breeding persian cats and rotti dogs for many years and the last litter that my girl had was in a stressful enviroment(i was staying with my sister and she did not like my cat) when she gave birth i know that something was wrong.she was not paying any mind to the babies except for one.the others died(she knew sometime was wrong with them)and then 1 week later to the day she gave birth to 2 more and one died. So she had 7 babies and 2 lived. Sometimes thing just happen but the vet should have told you just to leave then for a few days even a week before bringing them into see her as the mother may kill them or eat them,she may have been new to this and was not sure what to do and taking them to the vets may have just stressed her out more(not that that has anything to do with you). It is very truth the old saying that cats will refuse their babies if someone they dont know touches them.VERY TRUE. I have had many litters and even with my girl she just had babies 1 week ago and when i checked on them she will still sort of hide them but does not mind me touching them or looking at them as i am the one that helps her. i hope the baby is ok and that it works out. I have a soft spot for all animals big and small so if you have any questions you can always ask. I have had to raise kittens from birth before so i maybe able to help. Not saying that i know more then you but i have been breeding cats for along time. good luck with your new baby.
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