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LOL, reading this made me lose 65+75 IQ points, that makes me...............140 time stupider? HAHAHA I actually used my computers calculator to add the 65 and 75!!!!!!

I LOVE Iced tea, canned. I take my iced tea in this order:

1. Our Compliments natural lemon flavour Iced Tea(THIS STUFF IS THE BOMB! ITS SUGAR TEA! I LOVE IT)
2. Brisk Lemon Iced Tea
3. Nestea

Then I like a few select pops:

Pepsi(normal), Mellow Yellow(My dog must warship this stuff! If you are drinking a can of this, he will sit in front of you and give you that little begging look, but he doesnt do that with other stuff. Then if I put a can of pop down(such as pepsi/Iced tea) and say No to him, he leaves it alone. If you do that with mellow yellow, its gone! He LOVES it) LOL.


(You must be conservative, a nice caffein boost(iced tea), some peppy stuff(pepsi), then a good thought provoking jolt of flavour(Mellow Yellow), then you will be set. Not too much insanity/variation(pepsi blue, vanilla coke, grabe cruch, ect...), just right, and its good! LOL. I will drink root beer, and 7-up or mountain do if thats all there is, but normally stick to the tree goods! LOL.)

Follow my path, and enjoy living the life of canned pops(If iced tea counts! LOL).

0.2 Bloods for Sale. Adult and juvinile. PM me for details.
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