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Argh, Vanilla Coke

Worst thing ever. I know what everyone says about it tasting just like a coke float but there wrong, the best part of the coke is the poppy-creamy froth, not the flavour of what it floats on. Vanilla coke is a blemish on all of 'pop culture', if such a thing exists.

But not all skies are sky blue. Even so, I try to think of the blue ones most. That said, let's not forget all the glories of mellow yellow, possibly one of the best things coke ever did. I know it's just a montain dew rip off but it's different some how, it's fizzier and not so sweet. Every one says that I'm imagining it but I know their different...they just have to be.

Back to vanilla coke. Well, I guess, if it makes you happy it can't be that bad.
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