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Oh I said i knew it wasnt the vet's fault. I just feel a tad misled by her. I asked all these questions of her. And no cam- only the one kitty is on heat. The vet told me the heat of each other and their mother would be plenty for them in their box. She knew my set up, I asked gory, detailed questions, I asked what i should do, and look for, and she told me everything was fine and to let them be, and I did. I went to bed last night at 1 am, after making sure all of them were on a nipple. By 8:30 am when hubby got up, four of them were gone. By 10, 2 more were.

Also, ken, I asked the vet if her smothering them was possible, and she said "Anything is possible, but I wouldn't worry about that." So, I didn't. I am starting to think now that i should have, but the vet said she seemed like a good mom, and it would be fine. Well its NOT fine.

ANYways now im all tangential, and I know it's not the vet's fault, or my fault, or anybody's fault. I just feel awful.
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