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Here is an updated vendor list. If you don't see your name here contact me and I will get it on as soon as I can. We are over 95 tables booked and over 40 vendors now, This is gearing up to be one of the largest show done in Canada. Not bad for only the 4th year. If anyone has any question please contact me at I know there are lots of others out there that are undecided if they can make it or not. I will not run out of room. I have the option of getting more space and tables at the last moment if needed. I am doing advertising on 3 different radio stations, 3 different papers that make it out to over 230,000 homes in central Alberta. I have also sent out an invitation to over 50 pet stores in Alberta to attend the show and buy stuff for their stores. If this all works out there will be many records broken this year.
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