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Unhappy angry and upset

Female stray cat had a litter of 6 kittens about 24 hours ago. I sat up through the whole process, and made sure everything was ok, and took them all to the vet yesterday afternoon.

Vet told me everything looked good, and to let them alone and let them rest, and call her if I had any problems.

This morning all but one of them are dead.

Ive been crying a lot, and I realized that I feel about vets the way you all feel about the pet store people. The difference is I paid specifically for an "expert opinion" to make sure they were ok and alive and healthy, and was told they were, and to leave them and mom be and let them get rest. I myself was so exhausted from having stayed up all night to attend, that was easy for me to do. Clearly this was not a good call.

Now the one remaining kitten has been taken away from momma kitty- who was stepping all over them this morning and isnt paying them any mind, as far as I can tell, though she was yesterday, and we made sure all the kitties nursed.

He is in my room on a heating pad set on low and covered over many times, with a stuffed toy for comfort, getting kmr every 2 to 3 hours. I am trying not to hover, and I am definitely NOT optimistic at this point.

I am so upset, I was so excited about my 6 kittens, especially once the vet said it should all be fine. To me that meant I could relax a little, trusting in what she said, and from the vet's office at 5pm yesterday, it was just over 12 hours for all but 1 to be gone. I feel gross, and depressed, and like I should have done something different, though I dont know what. I called the vet's office and they are supposed to call me back. I know they are just going to say "sometimes these things happen." But I wasn't prepared to lose the whole litter in one night. I feel like she misled me, not that I am saying its her fault, but I cant believe they are ALL gone.

Sometimes being an animal lover sucks.

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