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i agree.. you cant ALWAYS blame bad owners... its also bad breeding... back yard breeders are just destroying the pit breed.. as show dog breeders are breeding less aggressive pits... the byb's are just mixing any 2 dogs for a quick buck.. health problems.. aggressiveness.. doesnt matter to them.. so it is also a risk when purchasing a pit bull from a breeder that isnt reputable (sp?)... but not just that breed too...
i personally would not let a dog around children... unattended and under a close eye... its not that i dont trust the dog.. you never know what can happen with any situation and how the kid may react or the dog... it would be like leaving a kid with a 14ft burm... not a pretty result...
im not gonna point fingers at a breed cuz of what has been said in the news.. and im not gonna point fingers at the owners too.. unless you know for sure how they treat their dogs...

capsicum... yeah thats my pit..
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