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Questions about my new baby snake

It just occurred to me that posting questions in the introductary section may not get me any answers, so I'll post my questions here, and then remove them from the other post.

My new baby corn snake was caught by my neighbor as he was raking the lawn late this afternoon. This baby is less than 1/4 " in diameter, and probably 7" long. I put it (him? her?) in a plastic carrier cage that I had purchased as a hospital cage in case on of my small parrots got sick.

So far, there is some dried cut grass for hiding, a bowl of water, and two crickets (1 live) in the cage with "Rusty".

Right now the plastic tank is sitting on the rug. Should part of it sit on a heating pad? The living room is usually about 70 degrees, give or take a few either way. Is it a good idea to allow sunshine to hit part of the cage during the day?

Can a corn snake that is so tiny deal with a pinky?? Are crickets enough til the snake gets bigger? Sometimes the finches lay an egg, and I have separated the males from the females to prevent more babies; is a broken open fresh finch egg good for a corn snake?

I've copied some care of snake articles off the internet, but they don't necessarily answer my specific immediate questions. I'll try to visit a pet store tomorrow, but have no idea if the kids who work there know very much about snakes.

Thanks for any and all comments.
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