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Love the doggie debate but ill sit on the fence a bit here...i believe its partially the breeds fault and partially the owners...its 50/50. If you look at other feared breeds of the past such as dobermins or german shepperds you'll recall both breeds were all over the papers in the early 80's....why, cause they were popular. With popularity comes some terrible breeding practices. So what happened, the breeders (the good ones) basically started taking the breed back, they started to control and breed quality docile animals. Not to say that you never see either of these breeds with a vicious streak anymore, but there has been a considerable decrease in the amount of attacks, or perhaps mention on these breeds. The same goes for Rott's about 10 years ago. Eventually pitty's will have the same fortunes and the breed will be corrected once again. Remember when 101 dalmations came out again, and every kid had to have one???? What happened, unquality dogs being bred and put in the wrong hands of ppl with no experience, again a great dog that got a totally bad rap, now the movie craze has subsided and you rarely see them in the droves you did earlier....just my .02 cents worth.

Getting back to the pics, they are great Marisa, ive known Matt longer then you and ive yet to be invited over....i think he just pretends to like me lol. But serious, im glad to see your pup matt and i know she is in great hands....congrats again.

Marisa, your matt looks funny with the shaved head, i just can't picture him like that....too funny, i laughted when i saw the pic! But i see you've managed to get him somewhat clean shaven....good for you..its about time!!!
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